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About Way4 Indians

As the name suggests, this website has been developed to guide the Indians living in Kuwait and  planning to go Kuwait. Usually people come here to earn their livelihood and to make their life better in all aspects whether its job, education or standard of living etc. But, before travelling, one should have a deep knowledge of the rules and regulations followed in Kuwait. What are the visa procedures and after visa procedures? What has to be done for before going to Kuwait?  What are the terms and conditions for getting Kuwait residency? How one can get settled in Kuwait? Way4indians will provide you with the most updated information and guidelines that one can follow. Apart from the basic knowledge that we are providing on our website regarding Kuwait, many sections has been made where the users can freely post their classifieds for their various needs such as jobs, accommodation, anything related to academics, sale or  purchase of anything, transportation requirement and many more categories. We aim at improving the knowledge of Indians who are facing difficulties due to improper knowledge of the rules followed in Kuwait. Thus, helping them solving their problems with right advice. The users can send us their feedback or queries if any under the ‘feedback’ option. Way4indians is quite different from other websites as our soul aim is to help Indians in every way possible with us. People who need any financial help are free to post their problems and we will try our best to solve their issues. The quality of the website has been maintained up to the market standards and is made very user friendly.

It is easy to register yourself on way4indians by providing some basic information and then, you can log into the website to post classifieds. The classified categories have been kept at the top of the page, so that one can get a view of everything in the first sight. At the same time, some topics of personal interest such as news , health related topics , amazing facts etc has been added to entertain our users or to increase their basic knowledge. Advertising is very important for any firm to survive in this competitive world. Advertising can help any individual or firm whether small or big , to increase its business. Thus, we also allow our users to advertise with us. All the necessary guidelines are provided for the users who are willing to advertise with us under ‘way4i ads’. The interested users can go through it and if any queries are there regarding advertisements, they are free to call on the given contact numbers. 

Thus, Users from all the age groups can register themselves and be a part of way4indians. Every section of the website is kept simple and user friendly. Users from Kuwait as well as from India can register themselves and can post classifieds for their requirements in Kuwait. One if requires, can contact us on the number given under ‘contact us’.



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