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Why Advertise with Way4i?

The number of internet users is on a rapid rise worldwide and is used by people of all age and types. Internet has become a major medium for communication, entertainment and is in the process of replacing traditional entertainment, promo products, and informative medias. Some businesses are finding that handing out a promo product such as pens, business cards, and mugs are too costly and yield little results. Likewise, traditional marketing forms such as television, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc., are becoming a thing of the past.

Internet has also become a major and effective medium for advertising and it has be predicted that the online advertising and marketing is soon going to replace the advertising through traditional medias such as television, radio, newspaper and magazines.. is the only Internet site, which is meant entirely to cater the needs of Indians in Kuwait. Among the total 60,0,000 Indians in Kuwait, almost all of them surf Internet at least once a day, either from their office or from home. So, if you are looking for a platform to reach your products/services/websites a certain category of Indians in Kuwait, the best option is to advertise with

We provide eye catching space in the home and inner pages for the advertisements.

  • Banners in latest web technologies( Jquuery, flash etc…)
  • Creative Banner designs- if you don’t have a banner designed we will design for you at affordable retes.
  • Affordable rates

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