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"Vision in Mind, Mission in Hand"

Chairman, Kidney Federation of India.

Interview by: Shiny Frank

Photograph by: Ashwin C.V

Rev. Fr.Davis Chiramel, The chairman of renowned KIDNEY FEDERATION OF INDIA, almost rushing from a fabulous "Seminar cum Debate on Organ Donation and Transplantation" on Friday 24th January 2014 at Community Hall, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh.Kuwait along with Dr.Mustafa Al Mousawi (Head-Kuwait organ Procurement, Vice President -Kuwait Transplant Society) and other dignitaries . .of "Thrissur Association of Kuwait"…., while Way4Indian's journalist approached Fr.Davis saying that since you are on your way to airport, may I request further information by mail? Fr.Davis replied that "why do you have to wait for my mail when I am just in front of you?" I can still spare you few minutes towards the awareness and here it is….from the most down to earth , role model , a living donor..

Fr.Davis Chiramel, could you please introduce "The Kidney Federation of India" to the readers of Way4Indians?

The KIDNEY FEDERATION OF INDIA has been formed with the noble vision of helping the need to give fresh hope to those who have lost hope . The Kidney Federation of India - kidney bank stores scores of kidney in the form of living people who are willing to give life to another and, also a list of those who are at the end of the tunnel , waiting for beacon of light at the end. Moreover,The KIDNEY FEDARATION OF INDIA is the brainchild of Fr. Davis Chiramel. Started in the year 2009, the federation is the one and only one of this kind to have been initiated by a living donor.

Why are organ, tissue and eye donations needed?

There is a severe shortage of organs for life-saving transplants all over. In addition to those waiting for organ transplants, many more are helped by tissue donation such as skin for burn victims or eye donations for sight-restoring cornea transplants. Without these surgeries, they will die or remain disabled. Transplants give people a chance to resume full, productive lives. In general, we are belongs to a common universe…we were gifted with organs..either we did not pay for it while we were born..and so why not we give it back when we are not need of it anymore and so to be generous to the universe..by giving back / donating.

Objectives of Kidney Federation of India?

Encourage Kidney Donation by family members of the patient, Set up a Kidney Bank through organizing people willing to donate organs, kidney in particular, in the event of brain death, Assist Chronic kidney Disease (CKD) patients in documentation related to transplantation, Organize financial assistance to very needy CKD patients for dialysis and transplantation, Organize financial assistance to poor patients after transplantation, Provide systematic counseling to patients and donors and to Educate public on Kidney failure and precautions - counseling on lifestyle etc.


Our objective is to provide Moral, Medical social, financial and Psychological rehabilitation to patients. To extend a helping hand towards the welfare of kidney patients.

And the Vision?

Protect kidney patients from the bondage of despair, and bring spring time of hope to their life. To light the lamp in the minds of kidney patients. A kidney can give a better quality of life to people with end stage renal failure (ESRF). Kidney transplants give better long-term survival and quality of life than dialysis. Kidneys for transplant can come from a dead or living person.

Your Message to the public?

Say " no" to the worms and "Yes" to the Human Kind".

Fr., What you mean by No to "Worms", but yes to "The Human Beings"?

After death of a human being, naturally the worms celebrate your organs…instead why not donate your organ after your death which cause no pain to your body. There is no cost to donors or their families for organ or tissue donation..and so you let a person to live, and see ..this beautiful universe… you may save up to 8 lives through organ donation and enhance many others through tissue donation. Fr.Davis seemed to be very excited about his explanation in which he was 100% confident about the …topic that he was talking about..

Fr.Davis, our readers would like to know the Patrons behind this great structure?

Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazath (Chief Co Patron) and other patrons are accordingly Mr.Yosef Ali, Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappilly, Mr. Galfar Mohammed Ali, Mr. PNC Menon, Adv. CK Menon, Mr. T.S. Pattabhiraman & Mr. Dr. KJ Yesudas as our Ambassador.

Part of Organ awareness campaign, what is your next step / visit…Fr.?

"Jumping from the sky to the land"…very cool answer …innocently giggled Fr.Davis which confused the journalist. After a short breath…Fr.Chiramel explained that …his very next visit is to UK and the suggested awareness fund raising event is "Jumping from the flight" of course through parachute…and hopefully landing up safely" in which the event will focus on fundraise for Organ Donation Activities.. . Fr.Davis Chiramel, a Ph.D holder, who won more than 30 awards from different walks of life, concluded his speech by saying that " Finally The sole purpose of human life is to serve and to show kindness and the will to help others".

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