Making a difference with passion

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Making a difference with passion

Its never too late or the wrong time to start fresh. The living proof for this is Mr. Visweswaran who spent 24 years in Saudi Arabia came back and took up farming to make a difference.

Interview by: Jobin Mathew

Agriculture the backbone of India is now something just contained to general knowledge text books. Now a days every one want their children to study well, go abroad and earn money. Those who do successful go to gulf countries and end up taking huge loans to build duplex houses back in their hometown. And spend the best time of life abroad some in really small flats repaying the loan and only spending a fraction of their lifetime in the house they built. Once they do reach their retirement they are filled with uncertainty of what will happen to them or what they will do once they come back home. It might be because of the difference of how things happen abroad and back home.

At times like this, I have the pleasure to introduce Mr Visweswaran who spent about 24 years in Saudi Arabia. He went back to his roots as his family has a background of agriculture and his will for trying out something different with an unconventional style of farming which is not common around his place. For the last 3 years he has been cultivating cabbages and in addition to it he grows oranges, mosambi, banana trees, tapioca, spinach and many more.

Cabbage which is a cool-season vegetable is suited for both spring and fall.  He has come up with a trick to grow cabbage in steady and uninterrupted rate with rich soil, plenty of water, and good fertilisation.

He proudly explains how the cycle starts with him, purchasing seeds from the Agriculture Office. Cabbage seeds which can only be harvested in certain parts due to the climate. The heads grow as normally seen in the stores. These are then allowed to sit all winter, not letting them freeze. In the spring again, they cut a slit in the top of the head and the plant then flowers. The seeds are harvested from there like any other regular flower.

He credits his success to his family, his brother, the Agriculture Officer for being very supportive and not using any chemical fertilisers or pesticides. He only used organic fertilisers like cow dung, oil seed.

It’s more like a passion for him. Business wise, there’s not much profit. But the satisfying part for him is to see his cabbages ripe, ready for harvest and the pleasant feedbacks from people make him happier.

From next year onwards he is planning to extend his cultivation to a little larger scale. With the earned support from the Agriculture Officer and who has promised to provide subsidy for that venture.

The message he has for the future generation at the moment is that we are destroying our environment and atmosphere, at this rate there will be no more greenery and global warming will get worse. Continuing this way will surely destroy the land we call home, so make a change now while we still have the chance. Today, people can still grow their own food at home. Today's fruits and vegetables aren't as nutritious as they used to be you could plant a garden at home to grow your own food, and see what it is like to be farmer on a small scale.

This let's me to conclude by saluting the will and the passion with which this man has accomplished back home

Mr Visweswaran, Poovakkattil House, Muttathokonam P.O, Elavumthitta,Pathanamthitta

E-mail :, Mob No : 91 9446577521

Way4indians would like to congratulate and appreciate him for his passion to make a difference. We are always looking to find people like him who have been making a difference in our community and promoting them with article like these.

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