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Visa Rules in Kuwait

Dependent Visa In Kuwait

Dependent Visa [Article 22] A male employee can sponsor his wife and his children as dependents in Kuwait, if he has a valid Kuwait Residence and  his minimum salary requirement to sponsor is limited to KD 250 per month. But Working wife cannot sponsor her husband as dependent.

Sons age over 21 years cannot be sponsored as dependents where as parents may sponsor his daughters up to marriage. Dependent family members may not work without transferring to a work visa under Kuwaiti sponsorship.

Important Points to be noted for Dependent Visa

• Passport office will not accept renewal before 3 months.

• Dependent visa holders will renew from the date of expiry to the number of years you extend.

• Each year Residence stamp is KD. 10 per year.

• Insurance Charges for Children KD 30.000 per year and Adults KD 40.000 per year.

• Parents can put residents for Boys up to the age of 21.

• Parents can put residence of girls as dependent up to the time of marriage.

• If dependent is outside for more than 6 months, the visa is automatically canceled.

Visit Visa

As per the GCC agreement GCC citizens are allowed to enter Kuwait without Visa. All other nationalities are permitted to enter in Kuwait with a valid visa or the foreigner whose country has a visa abolition treaty with Kuwait; these persons however may require an entry permit. Entry permits are acquired in the same way and under the same procedures as visit visa. Visit visa and entry permits are valid within 90 days of the issue date and visitor can stay up to 30 days from the day of entry.

All nationalities are subject to strict rules of entry and registration as foreigners under the sponsorship of Kuwaitis or Kuwait companies or a dependent of foreign resident under who already enjoy residence under Kuwait sponsorship.

Work Visa

Kuwait Labour law specifies two types of work visas are :

Article No 17 Public Sector Employees

Article No 18 Private sector Employees

Procedures to obtain Work Visa

Sponsoring Company/employer must apply for a work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor . The documents required at the time of application are Copy of the employee’s passport showing the sector, No objection Certificate from the General Administration of Criminal investigation at the Ministry of Interior.

After received the work visa the sponsor should send visa to the employee in his home country . The employee must provide a medical report form the Kuwait consulate recognised Clinics to prove that their general state of health is good and that they are free of specific epidemic diseases mainly tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS and a Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) , to prove that they dont have any criminal records. After completing these procedures only, a person will be allowed to travel and get the residence permit.

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